Feb 2-3, 2024

Grace Church | Eden Prairie, MN

Ekklesia: Called Out

Ekklesia is the Greek word for church, meaning "called out assembly."  

We are CALLED OUT by Christ to love the church; to serve the church; to represent Jesus through His church. He died for the church, so it is critical for us to understand its mission and importance — to love Christ is to love the church.  

But what does this look like for us? What is the church? Why is the church important? How should we represent the church? How can we serve the church? 

Gather with women of all ages for a weekend of uplifting worship, encouraging messages, and authentic community.  Together, we will be challenged and inspired to love our church and carry out Christ's mission as we serve His church.

"And I tell you, you are Peter, and on this rock I will build my church, and the gates of hell shall not prevail against it."



Regina Gibson

"The church is the definition of forever family. From my youth until now, the church has served as a steady anchor for my life in Christ, per His design. It thrills me that the Lord has made for Himself a people, armed with gifts and incredible purpose and endowed with the power of the Holy Spirit. Let us walk through the wondrous Words of Christ and stand in awe together at how He has made for Himself a people; a church appointed for this time on earth to infiltrate the world with a taste of the Kingdom to come."

Regina lives with her family of seven in Nashville, Tennessee. She spends her days surrounded by a lively crew of five children as she homeschools them, training them daily to walk in the Lord. You can often find Regina toiling over the family garden alongside Chris, her husband of 15 years. Their home is filled with plenty of laughter, a lot of repentance, and many moments pouring over the precious truths of Scripture together. 


Troy Dobbs

“You are the church, the family of God, the Ekklesia, the called-out community of believers in all the world. The church worships God, loves each other, prays together, and preaches Christ’s life, death, and resurrection while organizing the spreading of the Gospel. Do you love this church, the movement of faith for which Jesus gave his life? When Jesus said the gates of Hell will not prevail against it, he meant that death will not overcome the church – those who are in Christ have the hope of eternal life.”

We are so excited to welcome our own Pastor Troy to teach on the beauty of the church and how we can conform our thinking to be the church as Jesus designed and built it!


Breakout Sessions

Church Hurt / Deconstruction | Auditorium 
Do you have doubts, hurts, or questions about your faith that don’t seem to have answers? These experiences can lead us, or those we love, to begin to reconsider if Christianity is ACTUALLY true; also known as “deconstructing.” Join Delaney Dobbs, Bev Coniaris, and Ashley Kintzel as we look at why the Bible remains the only source of truth and how it can sustain us in every season.

Women Serving in their Local Church | Chapel
Regina Gibson is back to challenge us with why our local church is so important and how to love and serve the Church for which Jesus died.

The Church at Large | Dining Room
Join Grace missionary Amani Mustafa, Manjit Harrison, and others as they talk about the importance of our role in serving the larger body of Christ. How do we view the global church, and why is it important?